Crono wine, for relaxed moments of pleasure, and reflection.


Crono is the time it takes for a soil creation. We produce wines that respect the land, the lifecycle of grapes.

With sustainability at heart, we honor each harvest and the manual labor, where only the best grapes are chosen. We produce honest and balanced wines, that respect the terroir and the individuality of each year and region.

We produce limited editions of single variety wines with minimal intervention, grown in different regions. We intend to explore and make known local Portuguese grape varieties, that have a relevant role in the culture and history of each region.

Our wines are certified vegan and carbon-neutral.

Crono Lisboa

Alenquer region is situated between the Montejunto mountain range and the banks of the Tagus River, and is characterized by a sequence of gentle slopes, ideal for winegrowing. The natural shape of the landscape protects vineyards from humid and cold Atlantic winds, maintaining a temperate climate. Annual rainfall is around 700 mm, with clay soils featuring a high calcium content.

The region allows for slow and balanced grape maturation, which creates fresh, elegant and maritime-influenced wines.

Crono Dão

Within the Dão protected designation of origin, the Gouveia region is surrounded by mountains, with a temperate climate and in which Mediterranean and Atlantic influences overlap. Annual rainfall is around 1,400 mm, with granitic soils.

With hot, dry summers and rainy and cold winters, the region offers wines with a slow and prolonged evolution, velvety and complex.

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Limited editions of 600 bottles

Project Correia Lino & Ribas Fernandes

A family project by two cousins passionate about wine, João Correia Lino and Manuel Ribas Fernandes, who share a the same values for environmental and social sustainability.

We are a carbon neutral project, offsetting all carbon emissions from our operations and our partners' organizations. A project to be recognized for the good wine produced and the good it practices.

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