Technical Sheet
Lisbon Region - Tinta Amarela 2022

Wine of limited edition of Tinta Amarela variety, from the region of Lisbon, with minimal intervention and superior quality. It has an honest, elegant, and balanced profile, which respects the uniqueness of the terroir and year.

Certified vegan and carbon neutral.


Taste Profile

It is a clear wine, with a bright cherry red color of open intensity. It has a tear of long persistence. The aroma is of medium intensity, characterized by mature red fruit. It is worth noting the effect that the French oak barrel gives it, with slight vanilla notes.

The taste is dry, of balanced acidity, with sufficient alcohol content, of a light body with balanced tannins. Mouth aroma similar to nose's, of fine quality. It features a long persistence and of pleasant quality, with an harmonious balance, adding tobacco aromas to the nose.

It is a guard wine with an aging potential of five years, but can be consumed immediately. For gastronomic pairing, you can accompany with a table of cheeses and sausages, salads, fish dishes, pastas, white meats, as well as grilled. It can be drunk by itself, for moments of relaxation.

Technical Information

Exclusively of Tinta Amarela variety, grown in Alenquer in the Lisbon region, on a gentle slope of clay-limestone soils. It results from a viticulture of excellence, sustainable, of minimal intervention, with a simple principle of respecting the terroir and particularity of the year. From manual harvest, where only the best bunches were harvested and selected.

In the winery, the grapes were settled in a deposit, where they fermented after manual stomping. After alcoholic fermentation, the wine results from the tear and manual press where it aged in a 500-liter barrel of French oak, with medium high toast, second use, for a period of 9 months where it underwent the malolactic fermentation.

• Harvest: 27th August 2022

• Bottling: 18th June 2023

• Production: 226 bottles

• Alcohol: 13.06 %

• Volatile acidity: 0.48 g/L

• Total acidity: 5.56 g/L

• pH: 3.57

• Residual sugar: 0.7 g/L

• Free SO2: <20 mg/L

• Total SO2: 42 mg/L

• Serving temperature: 14 ºC – 16 ºC